Monday, December 15, 2008

Does a bike get lonely?

My bikes are spending their first winter in a space that is unheated. I wonder if they get lonely? They are dry and out of the weather, but have no heat to keep them warm. Do they care? Time will tell.

I have not been on my bike in over a week. That sort of scares me, I need to get out on a ride or set up the trainer. I want to make sure my legs and namely my ass don't forget what riding a bike is all about. Time will tell.

It's warm out right now- hmmm maybe an outdoor ride?


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bluecolnago said...

do you miss your bikes when you don't see them in awhile? of course you do! and they get lonely and miss you too. think living room, kitchen, bedroom.... plenty of places for bikes so that they don't have to be cold and lonely.... :)