Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A few thoughts on winter gear

I've been riding with these shoes for the past few days and I am pretty happy so far. The temps haven't been out of control cold, but I do have one ride that was into the upper 20's with a good deal of wind and a bit of water and snow spray coming up from the road. I'm wearing just a thin wool cycling sock (PI Tour Socks) and I think I can go up to a slightly thicker sock and stay comfortable down to 20 degrees, beyond that I think I'll have to through booties on over the shoe- and then they should be super warm. I did make one modification, I put in a piece of plastic between the cleat and the bottom of the shoe to completely cover the holes in the sole for the cleat plate. I'm sure that area is sealed, but water and cold always seem to find ways to get in so why give them easy access?

Now that is keeping my feet warm, I'm also trying to keep the rest of me a bit cleaner, dryer and ultimately warmer. So introduce my newest front fender (I don't know where all the old ones go?), this one is from a large plastic kitty litter container. It works well!

Why a fender? Cuz I don't want all this up in my teeth:

Here is my poor bike in all its dirty splendor. I might try to sneak out on the cross bike for my next ride since I'm mainly on roads and maybe I'll get my average speed up over 10mph!

For night riding I've found that the Knog Frog can attach right to your helmet. These are crazy bright for their size.

That's it from here, tomorrow is a new year- and I'm pretty psyched with that idea! Happy and Safe New Year to everyone and ride on.

late edit: cool idea here

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bluecolnago said...

happy new year!

i'm pretty sure my cx bike will have an awesome front fender for saturday's gravel grinder, now that i've seen yours. thanks for the idea. i think i can figure the tech specs out on my own ;)