Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Toys and Soon a New Year

My wife led the charge in hooking me up with a new toy for Christmas, a toy I've quitely coveted for a few years now. I think I'm glad that a bit of time had passed as the latest version is just ridiculous in terms of features. What is the new toy? Not this:
That is Dennis's new toy- and yes I now have car envy- but back to me, my new toy- a Garmin Edge 705

This is the craziest piece of electronics I've ever owned. And I've been owning electronics for a day or two. This is on par with when I bought my Commedore 64 back in the early 80's. So needless to say it's cycling season again in my world!

Got out for a ride with Dennis on Sunday, a short gravel grinder. He had a few drive train issues that kept us from climbing too much (see what happens when you grab a geared bike!). This was D before the trouble came:
You will notice he is wearing knickers and not going for the full on winter tights, he's tough. I was in full on snivel gear, and happy I was.

Just to prove I too was on the ride:

Now that you know that we actually rode I can give you the cool map and player that shows where we went, how fast, what the elevation was, how long it took, yada yada yada- this stuff is crazy! Here is the link- when you get to the page you can select the map view (I like the satellite view), and then you can click on the play button to make it all work.

That was my first ride, but I wasn't done. It might be ski season and Shawnee Peak might be tempting me with their lights for night skiing, but I chose instead to go for a night ride. Here was the loop. I will say you may need a bit of patience as the pages can be a bit slow to load.

In other news I also got my first two rides in the new Pearl Izumi winter shoe, so far so good- but I do see myself needing to wear booties in real cold temps. Last night was down to 35 and my feet were fine for out over an hour, but I would guess that at that temp I would start feeling a bit cold at two hours- but we will see.

That's it for now. Home with the kids today and thinking of sneaking out for some turns over at Shawnee Peak.

Ride safe.


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