Monday, July 23, 2007

Cram time

Three weeks until the 24HOGG and it's now cram time to try and get ready.

With JJ having gone out of commission during our test I still don't really know how I'm going at the moment. I haven't done an effort for more the four hours yet this year (yikes!) but that's ok- just have fun right?

Got out and road Hurricane Mountain Road yesterday in the afternoon and then got out for a mountain bike ride at around 7pm with the dogs. My legs felt ok, but HMR beat me up on the way up- but the recovery wasn't to bad. The worst part was going down- I don't know how the tour guys race downhill so damn fast (well knowing there isn't any upbound traffic has to help!)

Speaking of the tour- damn it's getting interesting! I'm a Vino fan as he is always racing, attacking and leaving it all out there. That guy is tough and it was hard watching him get shelled yesterday- but boy did he put on a show Saturday and again today- I hope he can have form again next year and stay upright! Time will tell.

As a long time fan of cycling it certainly feels like there is a changing of the guard. I need to learn a lot of new names in the coming years and I feel like there are other names that are starting to run out of time. Vino for the TDF, Hincapie for RPB, Miller for a legit WC in the TT, Hamilton to just ride again with a number, Horner for a WC in the road race. But with that said there are some new riders coming up who are exciting.

Back to 24HOGG, I've adjusted my plan and will run a 32x22 for the race. We ran those at Pats Peak and it made a difference. Yes it'll spin out easily but it will also mean much more time in the saddle and will force recovery on some of the flat terrain. It should be interesting! My revised goal is to ride 100 miles, so I think that is 12 laps. I know I had said 20 laps about a month ago- but that was prior to reality setting in!

That's it at the moment.

Ride on.


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