Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NK back in the saddle

We finally got NK back out on his bike the other day for a good spin after work, that was joined by Michelin Mike and Sam (can't remember his last name). We rode out and did a spin of Sticks and Stones, Peaked Traverse, the lower section of the Cranmore access road and a few other odds and ends. I think we got close to an hour and a half of actual ride time.

My legs felt pretty good, I tried my hardest to stay on Sam's wheel on the climbs and on Sticks and Stones- but I'll be honest- I didn't stay there long! To be 17 again with skills and lungs- the kid has talent- we'll have to see where he goes. The worst part was after each section I'd roll up next to him completely winded and he looked like he hadn't even broken a sweat. Oh well.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous about 24HOGG- but not much we can do now!

A1 got a new road bike, and one for his lady friend- I'll hopefully check the new machines out today.

Oh yeah- Mayo had a little special sauce in his blood stream- he has no idea how it got there.... I have to give the t-Mobile guy a bit of credit- he cheated, got caught, admitted it and is taking his lumps (2 year suspension, 2 more not UCI Div 1, and pay back a years salary- pretty hefy price to pay!). I think if we can get to a point where the cheats get caught and don't go to court EVERY time then we will feel like things are cleaning up, and maybe they are. If the controls are catching people then the system is at least working somewhat.

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bluecolnago said...

whooda thunk all the big dogs would get chased away for cheating? wow! i just hope that the tests are accurate and no one is being unfairly punished. the one that kicks me in the junk is rasmussen. turns out that the danish federation banned him from competing on the danish national team. hmmmm.... he wasn't even a member. doesn't even hold a danish license. his is issued by monaco. they have nothing to do with him. i believe that rabobank's actions were damage control. politics. too bad. oh well, maybe he's a doper too. i don't want to believe that, but you never know, i guess.

kick some booty at great glen!

peace out, yo!