Friday, July 13, 2007

Great Glen Series Race #2 and this weekend

Last night was the second race of the Great Glen series. I missed the first race as we were on vacation last week so this was my first race on this course on my SS. The weather was pretty nice and the course was pretty good. A little mud here and there from the rain of the past few days. The course has a fair amount of wide open carriage trails that I found myself spun out on quite a bit, but that wasn't all bad as it allowed me to coast some. I was able to ride it pretty clean and felt like my lungs were about to burst or maybe implode, not sure which. At some point I think I was hallucinating as I was sure I could smell cotton candy too.

All in all it was pretty good and I think I will be swapping the 20 tooth cog for an 18 for next week. Not sure how the results came down so I can update when they arrive.

Tomorrow is Pats Peak MTB Festival which DEA and I are riding in the 12 HR race on our SS's. Course has about 850 feet of climbing in each 5 mile lap. Looks like you are either going up or down on the course. I have a 22 tooth cog and have not put it on yet and am not sure if/when I will swap it.

This will be the first endurance race either of us have done on SS's so it should be interesting or frightening, maybe both. Hopefully we'll get some pics and be able to post some results.


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