Monday, July 09, 2007

I spoke with JJ and he had already pulled the trigger to race at Pats Peak this weekend, so I followed suit. We're both racing the 12 hour version solo, so that should be fun. A good chance to get a bit of a shake down prior to the 24HOGG.

Then this Thursday we haver our little race up at Great Glen for the weekly series- I'll looking forward to getting a bit closer to the fast boys. I think if I can stay upright and have a bit better legs then a 23 is possible, I'd love to get into the high 22's but I think that may be a touch out of my reach.

The tour is on and I have to say I'm getting into it. A crazy sprint by Robbie yesterday and a 1-2 for Quickstep today- yup I do love watching bike racing. I had thought about not watching it because I've been so sick of the doping stories- but watching the racing I remembered just how beautiful it is to watch.

Time to start stock piling on sleep.




bluecolnago said...

amen on the tour! it is beautiful and awesome!

good luck to you guys with the racing!

peace out, yo!

jason said...

bikeman will be kicking it this weekend at pat's peak...

look forward to racing with you all, but i am bringing the SS and the geared bike. thinking with all the rain will be going single with a 34*20 on it!