Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Remember Me?

It's been quite a while. I finally got a break this afternoon and snuck out for a ride and left the boys to cleaning tents and chairs for the afternoon. Good to get out again, I haven't been on my bike since the Whitaker Woods Race two weeks ago. Rode out Old Mill to Mill Street to 302, down to Conway Village then up West Side to the village and then down North South back to 302 and then up Mill Street to Potter road and back home. Decided to see how I felt and went hard for the first hour, averaged 18.7 mph, then at an hour slowed up and spun for another half hour. Somewhere around 25 miles in total.

JJ and DEA are racing this weekend and I'm considering it now. Ruled it out but thinking I may try to sneak in last minute, we'll see. Planning on racing Thursday up at GG in the weekly series. Legs felt good today, I guess 2 weeks break will do that for them, although I need to start lifting as the power didn't seem to be there. Sold my road bike, but I have it until my new one comes in. That is when I decide what I'm buying and get it. If it's a decision like my other bikes it will take months.

That's it for now, good to be back. Going to try to get out tomorrow am if anyone is interested, DEA/JJ?


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