Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gloucester Weekend

Wow, what a venue for a bike race! The Gloucester GP will be on my "to do" list going forward- great course, great venue, good racing- and I can only get faster!

I raced in the 4's and placed 62nd both days- at least I'm consistent!

Day one- just a blur of speed
The race went well, I was very nervous in a field that big going that "fast". There were a few good wrecks but I managed to stay upright. My goal was to not be in the back group and to try and pick a few folks off on each lap- which seemed to be working. All my remounts were pathetic (looks like I've got some work to do!) and my fast on grass cornering was a bit dicey as well- but I did feel fast on the paved climb and won my finish group sprint from the back (yes I sprinted for 62nd place!)

I had the whole family with me on Saturday and they did great cheering me on, and after the race we explored Stage Fort Park- which was very cool. We hung out and watched all the races, including the Elite Women, which Rebecca Wellons (Ward's girlfriend) got second in- a thrilling race. We then watched the Elite men, damn they are fast. Tim Johnson rolled a tire on the first lap so had a heck of a chase ahead of him- but he moved back up to a top ten slot- amazing. Ward rode well- had a great start and finished in the top 30.

Day two I went down solo and left the girls sleeping at K's sisters place and hit the road by 6:30am. I was surprised by Ward who drove down to watch my race (the slow fat guys race real early and the fit fast guys race at the end of the day- so they normally don't see each other in the morning. He was giving me racing advice and told me to unleash a wicked sprit at the start and just see how long I could hold on. I was pleasantly surprised when after the first lap I was in the top 30 of the field.
The run up before the "empty" light came on

It still blows me away how hard you go in a cross race- it is perhaps the hardest racing that I do, yet the race only lasts for 40 minutes. I tried to keep the gas on but I was hurting pretty quick and despite the cheering from Colin Reuter and his girlfriend and of course Ward (who seemed to be at every key part of the course on every lap (wasn't he supposed to be resting his legs for his race?) I found myself going backwards through the field. Oh well.

My attempt to look like a crosser- don't let Adam Myerson see this form!

The final stretch of grass before a 120 degree turn on the paved finishing climb

A great weekend, a good bunch of racing and a good chance to meet a number of Team riders (including Big Al)

Up next, catching up with JJ and A1 up at GGTOC for the cross series- can't wait!

ride on.


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bluecolnago said...

good pics and a nice write-up! cross is the best!