Thursday, October 11, 2007

Racing season is here.... again

Cross season kicks off for me this weekend, heading down to the Gloucester GP I'm racing both days in the 4's so it'll be fun. Both days the field is full- 125 of us that don't know what the hell we are doing- good thing the 4's are all fat like me and have plenty of padding in case we fall! It will be good to meet up with a lot of other Team riders this weekend, the registration sheets look stacked. I'll finally get to meet Big Al- the guy who puts the team together- I'm pretty stoked on that.

The GGTOC cross series also kicks off this weekend- I think both JJ and A1 will be up there, I'll jump in next week. Then in about a month my second favorite race of the year (right behing 24HOGG) Porky Gulch Classic if you can make it it's worth the trip!

That's about it. Borrowed 24solo from A1 last night- oh me oh my- super cool and motivating. Time to start training. Oh speaking of that did you see this article on velonews yesterday? This guy is living the dream!

ride on,


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