Monday, October 22, 2007

Why I missed 2nd week of cross.

Saturday we went to a 70's end of summer party (last year it was an 80's party). So Sunday morning I really wasn't up to racing so I ended up taking some tents down instead. Here are a few shots from the party.

Here's some of the fine folk all dolled up. I'm on far right with Nikki beside me. I tried to convince her she needs to dress like that more often, she says not so much though.

I grew out my chops special for the party. Shaved them this morning though.

Yesterday afternoon I went out and rode the rec. trail over to the new school and then rode the course the mtn. bike team just cut. The course is 2.3 miles and climbs a fair amount. Lots of descending and some steep technical climbs. Rode a few laps and then rode it backwards which climbed much more with some really steep sections. Good course, I watched the race there Wednesday and can see why all 72 racers were beat after four laps. Definately need to ride it again. Was out for just over two hours in the 70+ temps. Then the Sox beat JJ's Indians to advance. All in all good weekend.


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bluecolnago said...

i remember the 70's. now i won't be able to sleep..... ha! good pics! go-go boots, lots of hair, and lame'...... uh huh. ;)