Wednesday, October 31, 2007


JJ, Al, Chris and I took Tuesday off from work to go for a good ride. We had planned to go to Burke, VT but rumor had it that they had closed. We decsided that rolling the dice wasn't worth it so we did a long loop here in the VAlley. We started up at JJ's house, road the Davis trails, then road 302 into Fryeburg and then headed out towards Sherman Farm, took a right and road out to T&C then jumped on 19N snowmobile trail. That took us out to Hurricane Mountain road- which we climbed (ouch) then up the Black Cap connector, down Red Tail (ouch), Sticks and Stones, powerline to Sears and then pavement back to JJ's with Davis Hill finishing things off (ouch).

It was a great day out on the bike, JJ will post the real data soon I'm sure.

Looking forward to Porky Gulch this weekend- I hope I can find some good legs by then.




bluecolnago said...

sounds like lots of pain in there....

weak and feeble said...

I think it actually hurt more descending red tail than any of the long painful never ending climbs. Damn rigid singlespeeds.