Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I need to ride my bike more

I'm not sure why I don't, well I'm lazy that may be the reason. I got out this afternoon for about 1:45 and did the Mill St. to Hampshire Road to 153 to Stark and around. Absolutely beautiful out although I wished I wore gloves on a few of the shaded descents on Mill Street. I felt pretty good although something is up with my bike and I was limited to about three gears. I need to buy a SS road bike and call it a day.

Hopefully the turnout at the GGTOC Cross races stays strong, I'm planning on racing this weekend, although we're going to a '70's party Saturday night so not sure how strong I'll be feeling. The Prophet is looking pretty good with the 1.6's on it and the white butterfly seat, might as well look good if you're slow. Tomorrow the high school has a race and I'm planning on heading over to cheer on Sam, I think he's won every race this year so far. Then it sounds like a night ride forming, nothing like getting lost in the woods at night.


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