Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good night ride

Got out with Michelin Mike last night for a night ride up in Davis Hill. It was a bit nippy but once I got rolling I felt pretty comfy. We had planned to have everyone meet at JJ's house at 8:30, but quickly the group started to fall appart, first A1 then JJ both weren't able to make it- but MM did and he parked in JJ's driveway anyway. JJ did come out to wish us well- but his double cheeseburger with bacon didn't sound like it wanted to come out and play.

We rode to the top of Davis to drop in and for whatever reason my legs just felt really good. We didn't go hard- but we were moving along and it seemed to be doable with little effort. The bike really seemed to be a part of me and I was flowing pretty well- which was good as the trails had a ton of leaves and there were times I was feeling like I had lost the trail.

It was MM's first ride out there and I think he had fun. We didn't see any critters during the ride (which is both good and bad) and we both managed to stay upright the entire time.

I'm hoping my legs feel that good on Sunday!

Next time we'll get JJ and A1 out as well.



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