Monday, May 19, 2008

Crank the Kanc

This past Saturday was Crank the Kanc, the weather ended up being much nicer then anticipated and everyone seemed in good spirits at the start. This year not only was TWAF racing (as individuals- sans Nick and PJ) but K, Nikki, and Susan were all racing as well.

This meant we had to stage cars at the top as the wives wouldn't be waiting for us up top. I drove up early and was picked up by JJ and Susan- all I'm going to say is that ride back down was rather exciting- i think Susan was in a hurry.

I met up with K at the school and we did the registration thing and realized we had almost two hours until our start time- we came very close to going to McD's for a bit of breakfast- and it wasn't common sense that stopped us- it was laziness as I didn't feel like loading the bikes back into the truck to make the run. Now that is pathetic!

I got to cheer on K, JJ and Susan at the start but A1 and Nikki were starting behind me. My biggest fear was that Nikki would catch me. I wasn't sure what my game plan was if she had but it did entail fabricated excuses and maybe even some self inflicted road rash to sure up the story- but that never had to come to pass.

The course is 21 miles, 17 of flat to slightly rising and then 4 straight up. The first 17 I felt pretty good. I didn't run aero bars but did end up laying out on the bars a fair amount as the headwind was kicking up. I think next year running bars may be in the cards. I rode pretty well out to the climb, the amazing thing was how fast the people that passed me passed me- that was a bit of a wake up call!

On the climb itself I cracked and just went nowhere fast. I even ended up getting cold- I'm not sure if I went a bit to hard on the first 17 or if it was the fact it was my first real climb of the season (now that was smart!)- but I just had no power or pop going up. In the past my small gear has been a 39x23 and I would climb much of the climb in a 39x21- sort of like the whole single speed thing- you tend to go uphill faster when that's what you've got for a gear. This year I was running a 36x26 and I was using it a lot and you just don't go uphill fast in gear that small.

Needless to say I was happy to see the top and not so happy to see my time. I had hoped to "ride it" in a 1:30 but ended up with a 1:33:27- so I've got some improvements I've got to make for next year.
K had a good ride, putting in a 1:54:31. She wanted to be under 2 hours and she did so with time to spare. I think she actually enjoyed it! Of course I give her credit for the improved weather as she spent a pile of money on snivel gear for the race- just in case.

Yesterday took the dogs out for a recovery ride on the Davis Hill trails- it was good to get out there. Rode the Mamasita- still a few things to tinker with on that but I'm going to like that bike- just need to get used to riding gears and suspension again.

So that's the story.

Get out and ride.


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bluecolnago said...

good that you were able to get out with family and friends for the tt. sounds like a blast!