Friday, May 30, 2008

Here kitty kitty

I haven't ridden in the woods since the rumor of the Bobcat started to circulate, but I have to admit I'm not that freaked out by this rumor.

How can a nice kitty like this be an issue:

That being said a mountain lion would be a different story, and while no sightings have taken place near our house, there have been some in the greater Mount Washington Valley.

This Kitty would tweak me out:

Considering the luck my dogs have had out in Davis Hill (Molly- two trips to the vet from Porkupine and Jake one trip due to a Porkupine, and then Molly's mystery attack/injury that left her side sliced wide open) I would be more nervous about one of them tangling with a bobcat- but I'm hoping that the two of them would be able to at least make a bobcat think twice about messing with one of them- and yes I'm thinking the cat would be smarter then the two dogs combined.

So that's it for me. Getting out on the bike this weekend- I hope!



jason said...

sven....concerning great glen. I am not going to try to repeat my solo ss exploits from last year. too much pressure on myself. But has there ever been a 2 or 4 person fixed gear team out there?????


weak and feeble said...

Fixed! Yikes- I don't know I'll have to do a bit of research on that one. There isn't a fixed catagory but I'm sure we could do something to recognize a fixed team.

Let me dig and see what I can find.