Monday, May 05, 2008

Party Challenge

Had a birthday perty on Saturday to celebrate turning 40. DEA and A1 were amongst some of those in attendance. A1 brought a PBR pounder and a very nice mug. Towards the end of evening someone thought it was a good idea for DEA and I to shotgun a couple of beers. Problem was there were only 2 cans remaining. One was your standard 12oz PBR and the other was the aforementioned pounder. Well since I was the birthday boy I ended up with the punder and DEA got the little one. Someone said "GO!" and we were off.

DEA was hampered by the size of his hole or some other issue and as a result got beaten by the old guy with the bigger beer. I bet my parents who were watching could not have been prouder.

In other bike related news, I got in an early morning spin with my wife but I had left my road bike at work so I rode the new Dos Niner on pave as Sue rode her road bike. Made it a bit more work but it was a good ride to get some setup issues worked out.

Hopefully the great weather we had today will hold out this week and dry things out.



weak and feeble said...

I need to work on my form, that head to the side must have impeeded the flow of beer


bluecolnago said...

it's good to see that the old guy still knows how to have fun!