Thursday, May 15, 2008

got a day of commuting in

In trying to do my part and get a car off the road this week I was able to commute by bike today and met DEA for the ride in. He has obviously been riding more than I as he punished me for something I must have done to him this morning. Saturday's TT will be a normal crappy weather ride up the Kanc it sounds. Don't really want to load up on snivel gear cause its not as easy to ride wearing that much, but who knows, it might be snowing at the top.



weak and feeble said...

For the record I was trying to ride hard but make it look like I was riding easy to psych out JJ this morning- but I have to confess my legs are freaking killing me right now!!!!!!!

Saturday will be fun, why I'm not sure yet- but we keep signing up for these races so they must be fun- right?


bluecolnago said...

i like your logic.... :)