Tuesday, May 27, 2008

three good days of riding

Spent some time on the mountain bike the past few days, got back on the El Mariachi and had a ball. Saturday rode by myself and cruised around Pine Tree and the trails off of Mudget Road. Then on Sunday got the dogs out for an hour and a half in Davis Hill, did the same on Monday- need to get the dogs in shape!

In all though it was good to get out and ride in the woods. Word of caution, it's tick season. I pulled off a few each day, and the dogs picked up few as well (so a post ride groom is always called for).

That's it from here. Hope to get out again soon.




bluecolnago said...

with our "wind" and weather i got just a little riding in on saturday and then a little on monday. glad to hear you got out all weekend. ticks suck! (pun)

weak and feeble said...

Keep an eye on the dogs, was just told a 30lb or so bobcat was seen on Davis this morning.


weak and feeble said...

Great, now I am going to be afraid to ride my bike. Ya, thats my excuse for being fat & lazy and not riding, I might get attacked by a bobcat. Thats the ticket.