Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cedar Creek

Sunday morning I went for a ride over in Cedar Creek in North Conway. It has dried out pretty well considering the rain we had earlier this summer. I rode with Chris and we headed out from his house. First we rode Energizer and then some more of the usual tight twisty singletrack through the pine barons. When we popped out onto the fire roade we were surprised to see that some work had been done on the road and the usuallywet area at the end of a small pond was actually passable by cars with a nice new colvert in place. We then headed up the long fire road climb to the Mineral SIte parking lot and then decided to check out the High School Trail. I had never ridden it before and it was pretty nice. Some climbing but lots of descending witht he last section almost like a pump-track.

We ended back on the fire road and rode back tot hte top and out past the mineral sites to Sherwood Forest. At the gully Chris decided totake a run a clearing the climb out of it.

He got close but ran out of gas at the top. After that we headed down the very fast/fun downhill section and back to the bottom. Overall we got almost 2 hours of riding in on a very nice Summer Sunday morning.


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