Saturday, August 02, 2008

Converting the Dos Niner to SS

I finished my conversion of the Dos Niner to a SS for the 24 Hours of Great Glen. Figured I wanted the benefit of the soft-tail for the race and the lightness of the scandium as well. I didn't have any crank bolts short enough so DEA lent me some this afternoon and I mounted up the 32 tooth chainring up front.

Then I put the Surley Singulator on as my chain tensioner. It is pretty slick. I think I should be able to swap out rear wheels with different size cogs and not have to deal with chain length issues.

Once all the old drivetrain was stripped off and the SS setup was in place the bike looks pretty lean. All I need is a carbon fork!! Going out for a test ride tomorrow morning to make sure the setup is race ready for next weekend.

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