Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hollister State Park, NY

A little late, but a couple weekends ago I was at my parent's house in Springwater, NY and got out for a ride at Hollister Spencer State Park. There are some great trails with good climbs tight singletrack there and I was having a blast until I had a major flat tire.
One of those blowouts that sounds like someone just took a rifle shot at ya. BOOM, instant flat tire! I had a spare tub in my pack and swapped it out and was ready to start refilling it when the head of my pump came apart and I realized that it was broken. I was able to get about 15psi into it and took it very easy as I rode back to my car where I had a floorpump and an extra mini-pump. Once I was back and got the tire up to pressure I was back on the trails.

I got about 2:25 worth of riding in and saw a pretty cool lightening strike that hit a big tree. Amazing power, wouldn't have wanted to be close by when it hit. Ouch.

If you ever find yourself in Wester NY, check out this park for a good ride or a good xc-ski int he winter.


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Alex said...

I grew up near Harriet Hollister, and its always amazing how they'll have snow there when nowhere else does. Good riding, too, I hope you found sidewinder and rode the wall... Good times.