Monday, August 11, 2008


Well it's over, the 24 Hours of Great Glen are now behind us. For some of TWAF it was a good weekend- for others not so good. I should take that back- out racing or riding your bike is always a good time, so lets just say the weekend didn't go as planned for some of us.

On a very high note- A1 took the top step in the Solo Single Speed. Last year he said he wanted to make the podium this year, I have to admit that I wasn't sure if we would- then he goes and won the whole thing! The kid is stupid strong and his wife made damn sure he finished what he set out to do- 16 laps in hellish conditions. Hats off the A1- he may need to be kicked out of TWAF as there is no way anyone will ever believe he is Weak and Feeble!

JJ had a good race, in other words no trip to the ER. He did fall down and bump his head (LOL) I'll let him explain. But he put in a 9 lap effort.

I on the other hand spent more time in camp then on course. Not sure what the issue was but I was cramping in ways that just wasn't fun. I ended with 8 laps and that was only because JJ nursed me around for a couple laps in the morning to get my legs spinning again. I had been fully prepared to finish with 6 and call it a year.

The course- well it had a touch of mud on it. Kinda like Ricco having a "touch" of EPO in his system. It will be interesting to see if the course ever dries out, and when it does- what does it look like.

Not much else to report at the moment- just tired and the legs feel a bit off today (wonder why). Time to get back to work.


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