Wednesday, November 01, 2006

almost run down

DEA and I met up to ride in this morning. We were cruising along into a pretty vicious headwind and going slower than usual but working as ahrd or harder that it seemed fair. At least for me anyhow. About half way in we cam upon an intersection where 2 large 18 wheelers pulled out in front of us as we approached, sort of making it kinda close to us. Right behind them was a white Dodge pickup who apparently only saw DEA as he began to pull out. Dea had to take evasive action to avoid having he hind end taken out. Unfortunately I was behind him and the old coot never looked for a second bike. He was still moving as I come towards him. It wasnt until I was about to hit his hood that he locked up his wheels and started to skid. I was starting to see things in slo-mo and saw myself going ass over tea-kettle as I was about to t-bone the driver side door of this truck. Luckily the C-dale was up for the challenge and I was able to stay upright as I swerved hard left and then right to get around and past the blind driver. I was within inches of kissing some pickup hard. My heart was either beating really hard or had stopped, not really sure. Not really the way I like to find my max heart rate. Needless to say, the ride in was a good reminder to never take for granted that the drivers in motor vehicles see you or will do what you think they should. Be on your toes and ready to react cause cars hurt.


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