Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Not much of cycling excitement has been going on. A1 is all fired up to race the new winter Jay race: oh winter joy

I'm thinking I'll stick with racing my XC skis during February. Not that racing on snowmobile trails wouldn't be fun, but it might not be fun, in fact it might really suck. Besides that very same day there is an all day XC ski race taking place at JSTF.

This week the world has been a bit better aligned as I've been able to start commuting by bike again, which makes me happy. The temps are starting to get there, this morning it was in the 30's, but no ice on the road. No need to pull out the studded tires as of yet- but soon.

That Cross race that I was talking about in Portland has been cancelled- oh well. So the racing season might really be over- bummer. Hopefully we'll get in a good couple of rides this weekend. Reading Kerkove's blog makes me think that it's time to come up with a winter training gameplan. I think this year (2007) I should have a training plan, I was a little bummed how much riding I'd done and how it never resulted in speed- so that's the goal- keep the endurance where it's at or even better and then crank up the speed. I've even chatted with a buddy of mine who is a coach and uses a Powertap for himself and that has gotten me to think about power numbers. That new iBike might be the trick- but who the heck knows!

There had been a conversation about going and racing Trans Rockies with my buddy Ward, which could have been rather entertaining. Who knows it could still happen but we would need to get finacial support and the race is just about sold out- so I'm not banking on it. Besides it would have meant that I would miss the 24 hour race this upcoming year, which we had been planning on all racing as solos. Only time will tell.

In the mean time I've been trying to be Builder Bob and blowing out the space above my current home office/playroom. In reality I've been kicked out of my space so I had to go find a new place to put my computer. It's amazing the power a 7 year old and 3 year old can have!

Turkey Day is just a short 48 hours away!

Get out and ride.


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