Friday, November 17, 2006


It's been a pretty low key week in terms of riding. For the past two weeks I haven't been able to commute to work by bike as I've had to take my oldest to school each day and the time frame then isn't condusive to the ride- which has been a bummer. I've seen Peter out every night on my way home from work with his crazy lowrider light system- I've got to find out what that thing is!

Aside from not commuting it has also been raining all week- not a little bit of rain but a lot of rain. Not sure what my point is about the rain but I'm ready for it to stop. I'd love to think what this would be like if it were all snow, but last night it was almost 70 degrees out- so snow is a ways off!

JJ and I did get in a night ride the other night (wed) but haven't pulled another one off- so slug season is officially here.

There was a bit of excitement when Ward and I started to talk about racing Trans Rockies as a team, but the expense may put it out of reach, well that and the fact that if we don't register soon then we may miss out. I'm thinking we could call ourselves something like- a pro and an average joe. Yeah I've only had a half cup of coffee and it's not even 8am so I'm sure I'll read that later and just shake my head.

Hopefully TWAF will get out for a ride this weekend. It'll have to be around construction projects at my house but I'm sure we'll make something work. Still looking for details on the CX race on the Eastern Prom in Portland, I found the directors email but so far no response. I'll keep you posted.

Get out and ride.


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