Monday, November 06, 2006

A case of the Monday's

My legs are shot. The Rockpile Rampage portion of Porky Gulch was yesterday and it cleaned me out. I felt ok for the first half hour and then my back started to lock up and I plum ran out of gas. Oh well. It was fun anyway and I'll be back next year.

Today I'm dragging and nothing seems to be working for me at work. My word docs won't print, the PDF files are SLOW and I managed to jam up the copier about three times while scrambling to get out the door to a meeting. LOL- I'm glad it's only another few days till the weekend!

Kudos to Tom Gosslin for riding super strong at PG, I met him a few years ago at the original Rockpile Rampage- now he rides for IF and is a hell of a nice guy.

Ward and Rebecca raced down at Verge this weekend with Rebecca placing third on Saturday and second on Sunday. According to Ward she took a major digger on Sunday and Ward was getting ready to run onto the course to drag her to the hospital when she jumped up and yelled at him to get to the pit for a bike exchange- she ripped through the field and was closing in on the win but just ran out of course. I wonder what that's like to be chasing for the real deal win in the elite class. Ward rode ok on Saturday, but Sunday had back issues. I still think he needs to look at back replacements.

I hope to have a few pics from PG, my folks were there helping with timing and when Dad wasn't timing he was shooting. Plus I saw Howie shooting all over the place so I hope to see something cool.

One more local cross race on Sunday, then it may be time to call it a racing season. Let's get the xc skis out for racing purposes.


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