Friday, November 03, 2006

it's not just about biking...


well, it's been two months since i've been in the saddle (and to the mailbox for some reason), but it hasn't been completely uneventful: i've been busy falling for an amazing gal, playing some not-so-amazing rugby and generally licking my chops for the upcoming ski season. i even bought a cell phone!

what's been on my mind, however, is the diligence of one Dr. Asspistol Sphincter, AKA Dr. Evil Ass-sphincter, AKA the svenster. virtually every day, i see one of his steeds sitting in the office, sometimes muddy, sometimes dripping from the rain, but always ticking down from a morning ride into work, never mind the weather. call the boy jelly, cuz he been on a roll!

i know that A1 and JJ have been keeping on their bikes as well, but i just have had other priorities at the moment... but that won't last forever, you see, i just saw JJ's pics from the disposable from jay and i'm getting excited...


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