Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Countdown to Crank the Kanc

We're only a couple weeks away from Crank the Kanc, for A1 and I it will be our first race of the season. JJ of course has a podium under his belt- he's kinda setting the standards pretty high!

Rode the Kanc on Sunday with Vos, it was great to get out on the bike with him again. Vos is a long time cyclist and skier and I've had many a great trips (both on skis and bikes) with him- so it was good to reconnect. It's also good to get your ass handed to you just when you start to feel good. Sunday was supposed to be a recovery day for him as he had raced a TT on Sat. Well his recovery was my Zone 5! Maybe not quite but pretty damn close. Anyway it was good to get out a put in 50+ miles with a good chunk of climbing.

I heard from Howie up at GGTOC and they're looking to open the trails in a couple weeks as there is still some mud and snow. Their trail running series starts tomorrow night if anyone interested!

Anyone wanna take bets on how many doping stories vs racing stories there will be on Velo this morning? Argh!

That's it on my end. Time for coffee.



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