Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Couple good rides

Got out yesterday with Nikki. We rode the Mill St. to Hampshire Road to Eaton Village and back up 153 to Conway. About 1:45 ride time and about 25 miles (I erased the numbers prematurely so I don't have exacts). Decided to try and sprint the hill on Hampshire Road near the state line on the Eaton side. I made it, barely, then road back down past Nikki turned around and did it again. Thought I felt OK but few minutes later I was suffering and it took a good 5 or so miles to get it together. We were running later than expected so the pace was a little more elevated than we had intended the remainder of the ride. Good to get out with Nikki though, she's doing Crank the Kanc now so she'll hopefully get out a few more times before then.

Got out again after lunch today. Fired down a can of Hormel Corned Beef Hash (one of my secrets to keeping my 19 year old figure JJ) and headed out the door. Rode 302 to North South Road up to North Conway Village, averaged 19.2 MPH to the village taking 22:42 to get there. Headed out West Side Road to Conway village and back up 302 and home. Absolutely beautiful out with little wind, even got a few good wiffs of cow manure by the farms on the West Side, good times 90 degrees and cow poop. Here's the numbers.

Ride Time - 1:01:33
Total Miles - 19.5
Avg. Speed - 18.9 mph
Max Speed - 32.5 mph

Hopefully JJ, DEA and myself can get out and ride the Kanc together before the race. Off to the Red Sox game on Saturday then riding Sunday morning in Vermont with my brother in law. Should be fun.



Loki said...

Damn dude,
You are sounding fit! Weak and feeble, ha, team strong and sandbagging......

bluecolnago said...

corned beef hash is the (secret) lunch of champions! good stuff. best with 2 eggs, over easy, and wheat toast!

peace out, yo!

weak and feeble said...

Try it on hot dogs too, yummy.

Sandbagging, what's in that drink, Vodka? Sounds good, would go well with Corned Beef.