Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good spin yesterday

Got out for about 2 1/4 hours yesterday on dirt. Was supposed to meet JJ around noon but got a text message saying "My day just went in the shitter..." didn't bother with the rest, I'm going solo. Parked at Mt. Cranmore and rode the powerlines to Sticks and Stones. Went up the Peaked trail to middle mtn. traverse. Only problem was I didn't know where the new trail was so I kept climbing until it was way to far, turned around and headed down. Did a few lasps through sticks and stones (nice new sections) then headed to Whitaker Woods for a few laps. Called DEA and asked where the new trail for middle mtn. was, he wasn't sure but gave me a rough idea. Decided to ride back up Peaked and found the traverse. Again, nice new section of trail. Rode across to Sticks and Stones and did 3 more laps then back to the truck. Good ride. This was the first time I've climbed Peaked on my SS. Got to say it's a pretty good climb for a SS. Took a good wreck too.

Sounds like a night ride maybe tonight forming.


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