Friday, May 04, 2007


Wow what a week. Work has been crazy and I don't think I've wanted a weekend to get here quite like this! T-four hours.

Busy is good but it's been tough to get out on the bike. Today was the only day I was able to commute and only got in one night ride this week- so slacking on the saddle time. I'll try to play catch up this weekend. Hopefully I can also get my oldest out on some mellow single track as well- she'll dig that. May even try to see if my youngest wants to give the trail-a-bike a go. Should be fun!

Good luck to JJ in his race tomorrow. I'm somewhat envious but I also know that right now I'm so far off the back in terms of fitness that it might be more frustrating than anything else- but it'll come around.

That's it from here. Just got an email that Wildcat is going to spin the lifts again this weekend- so who knows maybe a last hurah up on the mountain?



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Sherrett said...

Yo! Can I get Sven to send me an email?

s o w at alum dot mit dot edu