Thursday, May 31, 2007

Needing a Goal

I've been feeling a little lost, a bit misguided, a tad off track, you know what I mean? Last year we had that beast of a race- the Jay Challenge and that had all of TWAF very focused and pulling in a good direction for training. My overall milage last year was way ahead of this season and my head was working in a good direction, but this year- hmmm not so much. Now that being said we've got the 24HOGG out there on the horizon but for some reason it hasn't really kicked in that we're all planning on racing Solo on SS's (well A1, JJ and I- NK I think is riding on a team and PJ is talking about coming over and working the pits).

I did talk to A1 last night and he reminded me that the 24HOGG is only about 10 weeks away. Hmmm, maybe that's the reality that I need to get moving. I think the thing is that I've raced 24HOGG so many times (10 so far) that I know the course and the environment so well that it's not scaring me. That's bad- I need it to scare me so that I come to grips with my goal of riding 20 laps (enter laughter here).

That's it, that's where I'm at. I'd like to get in a century ride here pretty quick as a good fitness guage- any thoughts or takers?

That's it from here.



ps- looking at those photos from Crank the Kanc- hmmmm, we're not he well oiled machine that we should be! Look at those gaps between the wheels!. Next year- next year we'll be laying the smack down.

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