Monday, August 06, 2007

Less then a week to go

A week from today I'll be still laying in bed wondering what it was that I did to my body and why does it hurt so much. My two kids will be jumping on the bed wanting breakfast and I'll be wishing my wife could have waited at least five more days before she headed over to Europe so that I could still by lying in bed.

This weekend was in many ways a bust. I almost didn't touch my bike at all, and wouldn't have except for the fact that A1 called last night and dragged me out for a quick 45 minutes in the fast approaching darkness. It was a very easy ride just to shake out the legs and chat about the coming weekend. In that chat I realized I have three goals, and here they are:
1) ride a minimum of 100 miles- so 12 laps. I'd like to get to 15 but if I hit 12 then I'll be ok with that.
2) I'd like to clean every part of the course at least once, I don't have to do it in one run, but over the course of the race I'd like to make it happen.
3) I'd like to ride for the full 24 hours. I realize this one is a major reach, but the good news is that if I pull it off then goal number 1 will have been reached in spades.

So there it is- what will the final result be- who knows. I'll be honest I haven't done nearly the prep that I would have liked to have done, but that is the culmination in a lot of choices over the past few months- a lot of 4am's that a rolled back over and went back to bed. It's amazing how Jay gave me a foolish confidence and that combined with the fact that I have better then 65 laps on this course over the past decade my fear of the race is lacking (and it shouldn't be). So we'll see.

Either way it should be fun. My biggest concern is my shoulders and arms, I think my legs can go the distance but the rest of my body may cause me some issues. I've got some Grayhound juice in the stick form that I'll use on my arms and shoulders to try and keep them loose and I'm going to put a couple of reminders on my stem, such as- slow and steady, don't chase above your pace, stay loose, walking is ok- I may add a few others but I need to remind myself (when I get to that point when I forget who I am) that there are some "rules" to this race.

Rain today, we may see some more all week- hmmmmm.




weak and feeble said...

DEA is full of it, he was preparing for the upcoming weekend. He came over Saturday, ate two lobsters, a few pounds of steamers, Italian Sausage, Chocolate Cheesecake and he and I kicked the Moat Mtn. Blueberry keg. Then he walked the 100 yards home through the woods at 1AM. If that's not training for a 24 hour solo single speed assualt than I don't know what is. See DEA you walked through the woods in the middle of the night, just like the upcoming weekend...


bluecolnago said...

sounds like training to me....


jason said...

Ahhh you were stong like bull at Pat's Peak, GG is such an easier course...

Looking forward to it all, this is the focus of the year, my goals are similar, ride a long time, and notch up 20 laps. lets ride some at night, keep the spirits up, well that and some beer.