Friday, November 30, 2007

Afternoon Ride

Just got in from an hour or so on the monocog. Rode down to Pine Tree did a lap and then out Mudget Road to the end spun around and got on the singletrack about halfway back that takes you back out to Runabout Bay. Someone has cleaned it recently and it was really nice. Tight widing through the pine trees, it was starting to get dark so I did one more loop in Pine Tree and headed back. Rode the loop aroung Singer Lane and then did a loop through North Pines road then out to Shady Lane and home. Perfect temp. out except I should have worn booties as the feet were getting chilled. Plan on getting out in the morning for a decent ride. Probably ride rec. trail north to the power lines to sticks and stones. Stop and get a coffee then turn around and head back. We'll see.

New bike may be on the way. Debating what I should get, I like my Redline so I may get the Flight 29er but I like the looks of the Soma Juice too. Time will tell.


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