Monday, November 19, 2007

Cold Commute

Not much to talk about right now other then the ride into work this morning was a bit chilly. The good news- no ice on the side of the road so regular tires are still working fine. I'm almost dreading putting my studded cross tires on as they are so heavy. That and it cracks me up that I mount them up on an old pair of spynergy rev-X wheelsnot mine- but like mine
I'm thinking about putting relective tape on one blade of each side of each wheel- I get that would look pretty crazy from the side at night.

Didn't touch my bikes this weekend- instead intalled cabnets and re-painted out kitchen- how Bob Villa of me.

Still haven't skied yet- but within the week I hope to have been on snow.

Ride on-



sony said...

How many times are you going to paint your kitchen? Its a different color every time I come home!

weak and feeble said...


True- but this time it's new cabnets as well- the deal was I could race all cross season but then had to do the kitchen- I can't complain.

your brother

weak and feeble said...

But you are complaining.