Monday, November 12, 2007

Let there be snow!

White Mountains

Sunday was the last race of the season form me, Week 5 of Cross in the Glen. I was not in the running for a podium spot, but I wanted to try to finish the season off on a good note.

As this was my first attempt at Cross racing I was happy to survice the initial go-round. It was much tougher than I thought. Maybe I was just much crappier than I thought I would be at it.

I think it is a great racing format. Much more fan friendly than any other racing I have done.

Sven and I had a blast racing this season. I am looking forward to next year. Each season ends and then you start thinking of what could have gone differnely and what you have for goals for the next year. I started the season out feeling really good and then there was that fateful day at Pats Peak which basically laid me up for 2 months. For all intents and purposes my "competetive" racing for the year was over. THe fitness I had was gone in a split second. Oh well, gravity happens.
Me & DEA

Now looking forward I have to say that more than ever my thoughts are oriented less competative riding and more and experiences. Not sure if that is good or bad or just a realization of reality on my part. Who knows, I could change my mind, again in a few days. Riding for was great. Its pretty cool feeling part of a team, not that TWAF isn't a team, its more like family.

What I do know is I have a new (to me) road bike frame in my basement that needs to get built up and I have some money burning a whole in my pocket that I cen't decide how to spend, Salsa Mamasita or full susp. 29er??? Completely different but what shall I do...may skis or a new board. I see snow in the mountains.

I figured it out, I'm getting a tricked out van like this, it'll go anywhere I bet.
My new ride?

Time to dig out the ski gear and get it tuned up. WOn't be putting the bikes away, but do need to tear the gears of the El Mariachi, just didn't look right with all them extra gears. Simple is good.


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bluecolnago said...

remember, everything leads up to cross season. it's just the way it is. ;)

sounds like you and sven had a great season and a ton of fun. that's what it's all about!