Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Snow Ride, Take It Easy

Sorry not sure where that came from. Maybe because I was listening to Rock 101 this morning. Drove up to Great Glen this morning to deliver tables, snowing pretty good up there and it was pretty slow going. It was all good though, I planned on a slow ride so I stopped and got a large coffee and bagel at Front Side Grind before heading up. It was snowing decent here and the ground was covered when I got home so I decided to head out for my first snowy ride of the season.

Went up Davis to Gulf, turned around at the top and headed down to Mill St. then up Baird Hill which dead ends a few miles up. It climbs pretty good and there are some really nice old farms at the top. I've never been up there so today was a good day to see it. Met a few people out walking who thought I was insane. Road back down Baird and rode in a few logging roads before heading out to Mill St. and home. We'll have to explore more of those trails in the spring, some bridges had been built on a few trails so it seems like someone has a secret stash of trails.

Rode up to North Conway on Thursday last week. It was too nice out to not go so I took the morning off for a ride. Glad I did, not sure how many sunny warm days we'll get for a while. Ran last night and then lifted. I picked up a heater the other day and realized how heavy it felt. I guess setting tents all summer took quite a bit out of me. Now that we're done for a few months it's time to get some strength back, so 3/4 days a week I'll be in the gym.

That's all I got, time for more hot chocolate and homemade banana bread.



Sven said...

Who'da thunk A1 would get podium on the first snow ride of the season!

JJ and I rode Baird a few years ago- that's another tough climb- Gulf and Baird in the same ride- ugh. Rumor has it you can connect from Baird to Potter- anyone know if that is possilbe (other hten the mill street connection at the bottem).


bluecolnago said...

hot chocolate and nanner bread.... yummmm!