Monday, November 12, 2007

Racing season comes to a close

The final race of the 'Cross in the Glen took place yesterday and that wrapped up my 2007 racing season. It's fun to look back and realize it has been an interesting year and one that I hope I can build upon.

This season was my first year racing for, and it was fun to race for a good sized team again. I got to meet a few of the other team members and with any luck I'll be in the red, black and white again next year.

I finished up third in points at the Cross in the Glen series for the intermediates. It's funny how racing for points can get you thinking about the could'a should'a's. Last week at PGC I didn't ride so hot in the cross race and it cost me. Dan ended up beating me last week and because of that, and the fact I let a few other riders in between Dan and I he knocked me out of second in points. It was the only time Dan beat me this season, but because I missed week one to race in Gloucester I didn't have a score to drop- that's the way it works!

Going into yesterday I knew I still had a shot, but I had to win or get second and Dan had to faulter a little bit. We had a few new faces in the intermediate field and I was feeling hopeful that maybe I had a shot. From the gun I went hard, avoided a wreck in the turn going into the first barriers and was sitting in third for a little bit. That lasted about a lap and then Jason (who had fallen) and Steve P picked up the pace and dropped me back to fifth. Another lap later Craig Harrison caught me and I was then sitting sixth (2nd in Intermediate). For a couple laps I battled newcomer Stephen Day (who was racing in baggy shorts, a skater helmet, a mountain bike with skinny tires, flat pedals and indoor soccer shoes). This kid was strong but the whole jumping on and off was new to him and that was where I could either catch back on or put a bit of distance. With about three to go I had put a good gap on him and could see Marc and Dan fighting it out behind him- my hope was to try and catch Craig and Kyle who were about 45 seconds up on me at that point and go for the win in Intermediate and hope that Marc would put in a good effort and take Dan on. To make a long story short- neither of those two things happened but it was fun while it lasted. That being said I'm happy with the podium but would like to win the series next year so that I have reason to move up to elite the next year (at Cross in the Glen- NOT UCI elite!)

It was a great series and kudos to Eli, Mary, Amy, Pat and everyone else who put on the series. My next racing up at GGTOC should be the december Nordic Sprints- can't wait!

Time to start thinking about ski season, get a few more rides in, pull out all the snivel gear (I did ride in with booties and heavy long pants this morning) and dreaming of getting fast for 2008. Hmmm, have to start planning the Second Annual Christmas Eve Gravel Grinder......



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bluecolnago said...

it's only a few months till next season!