Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Gut?

Ahh yes the holiday feasting. What DEA is really saying is that he bought a new 42 inch Plasma TV and can't help but watch Buffy reruns. I fired down the last piece of Pecan Pie that Nikki made for me last night. I ate every piece of that dang pie, the Nickelodean commercial says eating a Pecan Pie is equivelant to eating 17 cheeseburgers or something like that. Oh well.

I been lifting the last week or so and did legs on Friday which meant a very sore weekend. We took the kids to Santa's Village on Saturday night, very cold up in Jefferson, NH. That's where Santa's Village is, not the North Pole. I got out yesterday on the Monocog for about an 1 1/4 hours. Did some loops in Pine Tree and rode the lower section along the river that heads back towards the damn and then out at the other end of where we normally go in. Lots of rocks in the lower section, then headed over and rode on the dam side for a while before heading home. Today I decided to drive one of our trucks back to our garage to get it out of my driveway and brought my bike to ride home. It's about 20 miles and the weather held off long enough for me to make it. I was slightly overdressed but I guess that's better than the alternative. I rode through Silver Lake and Madison back. Not sure what the deal was but I think cars must not be expected someone to be biking this time of year, 3 times I was cutoff, with one guy pulling out in front of me and touching his bumper followed by me sending a "holiday greeting" his way. Dumbass.

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a wash which is OK since my legs weren't to snappy today and could use a rest.

No hot chocolate and banana bread tonight. Nikki just made some Oatmeal, white chocolate, pecan, etc. cookies. Fresh out of the oven, being washed down with a Tuckerman's Headwall Ale. Ahhh



bluecolnago said...

buffy is hot!!!!

Dennis said...

She has a nice little spread, I mean article in the recent issue of Maxim magazine that is a good read too.