Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy times

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and still a crazy couple to go. My family and I are in the middle of a move over to campus at Bridgton Academy where I've taken a new job and will be starting next Monday. Needless to say moving out of a home that you aren't selling right away actually makes things a bit slower in the move as you keep saying to your self- I'll get that later I don't really need it now- so I'm guessing I'll be spread across two houses for awhile- that should be interesting!

On the riding front I've been trying to ramp up for 24HOGG, which of course is only less then two weeks away. Got out for a good couple hours with JJ this past weekend and have been logging some time on the road bike. I'm still in rough shape for a solo shot- but I'm hoping the years of riding a bike and years on the 24 hour course will help me be very efficient and maybe sneak in a few extra laps that my fitness might otherwise not allow.

Tonight is the GGTOC summer race series race. I think I'll run gears tonight but am planning on running SS next week just to get at least one race in on the SS before 24. I had originally wanted to run gears thinking it would make me more competitive in the expert field- nope- sitting in 6th without much of a chance to move up unless I look for 18th generation EPO.

I have to say I'm glad the tour is over- it always sucks up WAY to much of my life! I was glad Carlos won, he's sort of the last of the Armstrong era GC guys that had never won- and he seems like a good guy. So far no doping scandal with him so that is good! I don't know what it is but Cadel just bugs me. I remember when he raced on dirt for Cannondale he always had an attitude that I just didn't understand. I think it is that he just doesn't seem Aussie tough- if that makes any sense. You look at Stuey or Robbie and they seem like the guys that you grab a beer with and then if someone mouths off then deck the SOB and get back to the beer- Cadel seems like he'd get into a slap fight and then call for his bald headed body guard to finish off the fight. I don't know but when you're from Australia I just expect more. Cadel seems more like he's French, like a Christoph Moreau.

Ok that's enough out of me- back to packing. Speaking of packing- anyone want any Team Weak and Feeble T-shirts- I'll make you a screaming deal.




bluecolnago said...

congrats on the new job! you'll have to send your new address.

your comments on cadel are too funny! i couldn't agree more and i'm also glad that sastra won it. i thought it was the best tour in a very long time!

jason said...

fixed gear attempt might be out. my teammate just broke his SS/fixie, so we are in scramble mode to find/build a ss for him to ride!

weak and feeble said...


Good luck! See you next weekend at the race.