Sunday, June 03, 2007

Landis and I co-workers?

I hosted the Live Mountain Report this morning on RSN tv16, where I've had the chance to inverview Tyler Hamilton, Ned Overend and my favorite, Jeanie Longo- over the years but never have I had a chance to call one of them a co-worker. So when I checked velonews after the show to see how the final stage of the Giro was going I was surprised to see this image:

Notice the mic flag on the mic Landis is holding. Hmmmmm.

Ok so he won't be working the show with me anytime soon, but you never know. We have the hillclimb coming up, a race that Tyler competed in during his ban (non-uci) maybe Floyd will come and give it a go- if so we'll have to get him on the set at RSN here in North Conway.

On the riding front JJ and I got out for a spin yesterday, I felt terrible. I'm hoping to sneak out on the road bike for a ride in a bit and hopefully feel more human, but you never know.

Ok so that's about all I've got at the moment. Oh- hopefully our mid west readers are enjoying the Cavs going to the finals! Of courst that just means a bunch more nights where I won't get the right amount of sleep. Any for you non NBA fans- you need to be a Cavs fan now as there star (LeBron) is a major player in Cannondale. I bit with him on board you'll see some interesting 29'ers coming out!

Time to ride.



1 comment:

bluecolnago said...

not sure about the nba....

i always thought that basketball was what the little boys played while the big boys played hockey....

ah well....

he'll be good for cannondale.

peace out, yo!