Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another day out on the bike

No Kerkove shots, I wanted to try and take a shot while riding and picking my nose for Blue as I thought he'd get a kick out of that- but it was still pretty windy and I didn't want to explain to my wife why I had ended up on the deck and my phone was in pieces. While reader of this blog might find if funny my wife wouldn't thing this was a good explanation, "honey you see this guy that reads our blog knows this other guy whose blog we all read and he always takes pictures of himself while riding, and there are these other pictures of him picking his nose so I thought it would be funny to combine all of that into one thing but the wind took out my front wheel and now I'm broken and oh yeah I need to replace my phone- but it's a great story don't you think?"

So I just rode my loop. Did 302 to Halley town, took a left to merrel corner then a right up the hill to a right onto Old County and then back home to Mill Street. Took it easy (I'd say- it took me 1:20 to do the loop) but it felt good to get out. The section from Halley Town to Merrel Corner was a bit dicey as there still is a lot of snow and ice crowding the road so not much room, but it's a short section so all is good.

Tomorrow I might head out into Fryeburg Harbor for a spin. Could be interesting if there is still a fair amount of wind.

That's about it on this end. I'm gonna go back out and plan in the puddles in my driveway and try to see if we can get some drainage going.




bluecolnago said...
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bluecolnago said...

personally, i think your story would have plenty of credibility. i was believing every word i was reading and i think the missus would believe it too.....

i don't think you give the missus enough credit. i'm sure she'd understand. uh huh... ;)

i think spring is coming! it was up to 35 today and he roads were good!