Friday, March 28, 2008

Seriously, the snow needs to end!

Another 3-5 inches today, this is ridiculous. At this rate we'll be riding dirt about mid June. In my boredom of plowing I decided to snap a few photos like Sven did on his bike. I'm not actually moving at this point so no worries.

I am at one of the finest eating establishments in the valley however. Seconds trip there of the day. Any guesses? Not sure what our snow totals are for the year, it's a lot and at 4:00 it's still snowing.

I did get out on the bike on Monday, about an hour or so and I rode the new Redline I got back in Dec. First time out on it and liked it. Nikki came with me on the older Redline and she liked the single speed thing. We'll see. Off to Boston this weekend for a few days away, taking the kids to the aquarium and there's also a bike/run expo in cambridge we're gonna go check out.



weak and feeble said...

Leavits- home of fine donuts and coffee, and the start or finish of many an interesting adventure (A1- remember the "too damn slippery to ride so lets go try to drive my wifes truck off the side of a mountain?" yeah it started at Leavits (I may have messed up the spelling)


Jason said...

We haven't had that much snow for a few weeks now. If we get any more this year, I might put my head in an oven.Spring has to come soon. Hang in there.