Thursday, March 20, 2008

Christmas in March

I say that not because of the couple inches of new fallen snow like stuff on the ground this morning, but because on Monday of next week, DEA and I are making a pilgrimage to Team World Headquarters to pick up our necessities. I am picking up my new Salsa Dos Niner frame. If it looks half as nice as DEA's Salsa Mamasita I'll be stoked. I also have most of the components to build the bike to pick up, but the (pardon my french) piece de resistance is the wheel-sets both DEA and I ordered. New Mavic Crossmax C29maxx 29er wheels. I've never owned a top end wheelset before so I am really looking forward to rolling these around. Might lose some of my excuses is the only problem.

Weather for this weekend looks good for maybe one of the good end of season ski weekends. Next weekend its Viva Las Vegas or Lost Wages. Not sure I'll be able to sleep until we arrive monday am in Bath, Maine.


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