Monday, March 24, 2008

Christmas Morning

I was about to call DEA last night to plan our trip the HQ when my phone rang. It was DEA so I saved the dime I guess. He had a work thing come up so couldn't make the pilgrimage to Bikeman. I was on my own. I got up at 6AM and after getting all red up, headed out to the car. The car thermometer told me it was a whopping 8 degrees. Not really bike weather. The drive is about 90 miles and at about 8:30AM I was getting off at my exit and was getting close.

Almost There

I pulled into the shop a bit after 9 since I needed to make a stop at Dunkin Donuts.

Bikeman HQ Sign

Part of my reason for making the trek is for goodwill and so that Big Al has a face to put with my innane emails and stories of bicycle prowess. Unfortuantely Big Al was not in when I got there, but the bonus was I got to deal with his wife Darcy, who I must say, no offense to Big Al, is much more attractive thatn he is.

Darcy started pulling my boxes of stuff out and putting them all together and I started taking them out to the car. I Could not wait til I got home to peak so I opened the parts box.

Box o Goodies

Next was the Frame. The Salsa Orange Peelz Dos Niner. Pulled it from the box but still in it's prophalactic plastic protection. Nice, can't wait to strip it and start to build it.

Dos Frame

Last box was the topper. A new wheel-set. THe new Mavic Cr29max 29er's. They look sharp.

Crossmax Wheelset

After cleaning up my drool I got back in the car and made it to work about noon. Not to bad for a little early morning field trip. Now if I we can get the snow to start to really melt I can get to ride the new addition to the family.



bluecolnago said...

oh man.... nothing better than a car load of NEW BIKE PARTS!!!!!

yeah, baby!

Anonymous said...

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Jason said...

Mmmmm I can smell those bike parts from here! Let me know about those Mavics. I was just e-mailing with Big Al about those today. I'm lusting them BIG time.

You're gonna love that Dos. It's SWEET!