Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out for a ride

Snuck out for an hour after work yesterday, gotta love it being light later in the day! It's weird riding later in the day with such massive snowbanks- just doesn't seem right.

Here is my best Kerkove style shot- the guy should have a photo style named after him!

Here is a shot of a road sign, and this is after we've been seeing a lot of melting!

I was trying out some new gloves that I got from RSN (we gave a bunch away on Watch and Win and P-dog let me keep a pair). These are great for this time of year- a light glove with a mitten wind cover that come be flipped on or off.

That's it for now- although I did hear from JJ that our wheels are in at Team HQ, sounds like we might take a ride over there early next week- I'm so excited!




bluecolnago said...

our roads looked like that a week or so ago. there isn't much left now.... we're exactly 6 hours into spring! woohoo!!!

weak and feeble said...

Blue- you lost all that snow in a week! That's crazy. Part of me would love that, the other part wouldn't be digging the flooding that would represent.


bluecolnago said...

apparently the snow up north melted off slowly and we haven't had much flooding so far. looks like it was up over the roads in the low areas for a day and a half or so. lucky, i guess.

kerkove shots.... you have to remember that there are quite a few of them with his fingers up his nose out there..... ;)