Tuesday, December 19, 2006

1st Annual Weak and Feeble December Death March

Here's the plan, Saturday 6am leave from Lincoln Estates.

Proposed route: Up Davis over to Gulf Road, Up Gulf to Leavitt to Greeley to Potter. Potter to Rte. 153 to Eaton Village. Up (and over) Mooney Hill to Madison Village. Rte. 113 to Eidelweiss (sp?) up Eidelweiss to Rock House Mtn. (to the top). Drop down to 153 back to Potter, to Greeley, to Leavitt to Gulf to Davis, home.

Est. ride time: 3 hours

It's not that long distance wise, but pretty substantial climbing as we're going over every hill/mtn. we can include.

So it looks like it's gonna happen. We've talked about a Death March for a while, although this may be a little shorter than initially talked about, it's also going to be Dec. 23 so not bad for the offseason. If interested meet at A1's at 5:45am Saturday morning. Lights will be needed for the first hour or so.

Confirmed Rider List: DEA, ANG, A1 (I'm sure we won't get any offers to join us)


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