Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update to Death March

So I've figured a few changes to the route with the help of a few land knowin' folk. Instead of riding Mooney to 113 we'll now drop off Mooney at the top to Town Line Road and down to Eidelweiss, takes out any pavement and adds few miles of double track descent. Also at the top of Rock House we'll drop off the backside again on double track for a few mile descent, should be nice. From what I've heard it's definately ridable and pretty intense.

Sounds like weather is shady and ANG is already talking about bagging out. Something about not wanting to be out in 30 degree weather in the rain, what's that about?

A1 Saucy Steak

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Team Runs With Scissors said...

Yo, Team Weak and Feeble:

You guys sound nuts. Maybe we'll see you at the Jay Challenge. Or at the Frigid Infliction in March. Check out

Happy Holidays,

Team Runs with Scissors