Tuesday, December 26, 2006

No Granny Gears Harmed In the Making of this Gravel Grind

Longest ride since Jay on the mtn bike. Here was the route, over Davis to Gulf, over gulf to Leavitt, down to Grealey, to Potter, Potter up to rte. 153. Down through Eaton Village, then straight up Glines Hill. Drop to Modock Hill and up, then onto Town Line Road (class 6 road) to Allaird Hill, Up to the top of Rock House Mtn., then back down after some searching for the trail. Doloff Hill to 153 to Potter back to Mill Street and home.

Legs felt good all day. To clear up one of Sven's points however, when he looked up and saw me on Glines I was still in the middle ring, NO GRANNY GEAR USED THE ENTIRE RIDE. Altough I did drop to my biggest ring in the back so I did have an advantage. Next time we ride the loop I'll break out the SS 29er Santa brought me for Christmas.

End of week loop again anyone? Pictures of the ride up soon.

A Middle Ring Ridin' A1

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